3 Tips to keep your windows in tip top order this Winter!

When winter sets in, its often the time that some elements need to be replaced. As with most things, its easier to provide maintenance than to replace it completely. This is the same with most windows and doors. Just like a vehicle needs a service, your windows and doors have lots of small moving parts. In order to keep your windows and doors at their best, they could do with a little DIY care at times. 

Here are 3 simple DIY tips that will help you look after your windows.

1: Keep your hinges lubricated

When window hinges get dry they can cause all sorts of problems the most common being when the window sash doesn’t close tightly to the frame, this leaves a gap between the sash and frame it’s generally at the top and bottom of the opening and causes major draughts because of the lack of a seal. By spraying your window hinges with a silicone based lubricant or WD-40 twice a year this will eliminate this problem from happening and keep the opening and closing of your windows smooth.

2: Keep a Handle on it

Window handles are a major wear and tear item on your windows, they are not the most expensive item to replace but to try and avoid this it’s a good idea to make sure the screws that hold the handle on are still good and tight, over time these can get loose and are often the cause of handles breaking. This can be simply carried out using a Phillips screwdriver.

3: Look after your locks

On most types of windows the lock you will find is a long strip which runs up along the side of the opening sash this is known as the espag, there are usually two little rollers which move up and down as you open and close the handle, these are an essential item to the working of the window not only to ensure the opening closes in tight to the frame but most importantly for security, like hinges they need lubrication to work well so make sure to clean the rollers and the overall lock then spray on your oil and open and close the handle as you do it to make sure the oil is getting into to all the right areas.

If you have any questions or want to know more about maintaining your windows and doors just call the team at Portlaoise Windows, we would be delighted to help.